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Do you want to avoid pain killers, injections, medications, or surgery as the answer to improving your health?

Have you tried other forms of treatment in the past including physical therapy, chiropractors, massage, acupuncture, or surgery, and was let down with no success?

Are you an athlete struggling to recover from an injury, and want to be in the best shape for your game?

Are you frustrated with stiffness, aches, and pain that don’t seen to go away regardless of what you try to do?

Are you tired of seeing health care providers who tell you to rest, or sit out of your sports of activity for months at a time with no real solution?

Are you looking for a physical therapist who actually cares about you, your health, and fitness and sports goals?

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Stacey's Son overcame an ACL injury and is back to playing basketball.

My son tore his ACL and meniscus as a high school junior playing basketball. He was told by people that he may never play sports again. We met Tiffani after seeing two other physical therapist. She was compassionate, professional, motivated, caring, and an expert in the field of physical therapy.  With her expertise, he returned to basketball, and he was welcomed to the men’s basketball team as a college freshmen.

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