Performance Rehab

Are you an athlete fed up with therapists who do not understand the demands of your sport?

Are you tired of being told "to rest", only to be put on the disabled list for weeks or months?

Are you looking to prevent your next injury?

At InMotion Sports Performance and Rehabilitation, we will do a formal assessment to determine what factors led to your injury or predisposed you to future injury. We then determine what interventions will have the most impact, in the least amount of time.


  • Functional Movement Screen 
  • Performance Enhancement 
  • Functional Exercise Prescription
  • Injury Screen
  • Manual Therapy
  • Trigger Point Dry Needling

Functional Movement Screen

A functional movement screen is an evaluation technique that can help pinpoint specific movement asymmetries or deficiencies that can contribute to dysfunction, pain, and injury. Once identified, specific interventions can be put in place to correct the dysfunctional movement to facilitate improved performance and reduced pain.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy includes a variety of skilled, hands-on techniques that physical therapists are trained to perform in order to address pain and disability. It incorporates the movement of soft-tissue and joints to facilitate improved function. Benefits of manual therapy include reduced pain and weakness, and improved performance, mobility, and health. This includes joint mobilization and manipulation, certain forms of massage, and other types of manual hands-on techniques. 

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